Thursday, 31 May 2012

Opening gambit - Half Way Projects

As I venture in to this blog thing, I find myself half way into a project. Now that may seem odd to start while half way through, but with painting toy soldiers, there is one lesson you need to know. All projects are always half way through...
Well at least for me it is.

For example, my current project is a Pre Heresey Imperial Fist Legion Army for use at specific gaming events that run the Warhammer 40k in a more austere time when the Warmaster and Emperor had a little "set to" back in what was called "30k"

The gaming events are run by the Tempus Fugitives at Maelstrom Games' gaming hall in Mansfield and uses a modified set of standardised rules to enable the historic setting era to be played out.

So the list started out as a full army bulk purchase from ForgeWorld and was planned and executed to 2000 points. From September 2011 to March 2012 I worked most evenings and weekends to get them all assembled and painted and voila arrived played, and even won best army.
Since then, I have suffered from shiney model syndrome as FW brought out a shed load more Heresy Era models which of course I had purchase. Had to right? Forced. No question.
So since March I have added about 650 more points and have purchases to complete a further 1000 at least.
So doing the math, 2000, 650 and 1000, finishing at 3650 makes NO SENSE. So of course I will HAVE to add a further 350 to make a nice round 4000...

So there you go, projects are never finished, they are only ever half way.


Well then, here it is! Inspired by many other blogs that I have seen over the past few months, I thought I would consider starting my own little greedy all about me hobby blog :)

So for my first post, should I be writing something all inspired and visionary? Err. No. Not really! I am not particularly great at talking about myself and stuff in my hobby obsession. So what will follow is pictures (lots of pictures!) some blurb about whats going on gaming wise and other twaddle no doubt...

Read on!