Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Maniple of Knights

So last night i got the final bits done on the 3rd Knight model on the collection.

Here they are in their full glory ready to battle and smash some xenon/heretics etc. As long as they don't bring flyers, we are all good...

Am going on holiday tomorrow, no updates till I return!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Knights again!

Hi all

Spent a lot of time over the weekend getting Knight number 3 nearly ready! Just the head cowling armour plate to go, and some weathering in general across the model and its done!

This will then give me an official Primary Detachment of Knights should I wish to field them, or alternately a maximum Allied Knightly Detachment too.

Hurry up Forgeworld, I need a Lancer or 2...

Friday, 25 April 2014

New model syndrome

So last night I played my 2 Knights in an 1850 game alongside the Typhon as a Lord of War.
All three painted this year and all 3 unused in a game.

I played our newest resident regular gamer at my store who is an avid tournament unpainted army player meta list download net list guru (hence the 1850 points as thats the standard tournament scene apparently)

I faced off against the known Skyblight Dataslate abused list including 9 FMC's. So I am sure you can guess the result.

The knights did nothing but get vector struck to death, so that was great.
The Typhon however alongside my trusty Storm Eagle Roc attributed to 7 FMC deaths which was quite nice. Getting the FMC's to take grounding checks from smaller weapons then killing them on the deck was the key, but the result was inevitable for those familiar with Skyblight.

This is a known internet list abuse loophole that gives you extra FMC's plus respawning deep striking objective taking Gargoyle broods. These little fellas count as scoring and can claim objectives if you are contesting. Yes super scorers.

It was a harsh lesson in the "fun" tournament lists doing the rounds, and the guy is a complete douche when he plays it too.

Ph well, now they have their cherry popped, I am sure the big gun units will fair better on the second outing in the near future!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Knights are here

As mentioned earlier today, its piccie time!

Now to get on with number 3


The Knights are coming

Knights finished!

Just completed my first 2 Imperial Knight models over the Easter weekend. Piccies to follow later.
Also treated myself to a 3rd from my local GW store (and qualified for the free Space marine Captain model while at it). Already built the new Knight with the big melta cannon of death and primed and started base coating!
Very excited at the thought of fielding the maximum 3 as an allied contingent in a game now and bringing the pain!

Also got myself a box of the new Scions models. I am going to be painting these like my Imperial Navy Flyers as the Special Forces type with respirators etc. I have a few cool and interesting ideas for these from a modelling perspective so watch this space sometime soon.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

More knightly goodness

More knightly goodness

So a good weekend with the paint brush/airbrush over the last couple of days has given this new update!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Yeah check this - 3 posts in a week yo....

Yeah check this - 3 posts in a week yo....

So I have been working on these Imperial Knights. So here are the WIP shots for your viewing pleasures. Legio Astorum Warp Runners, ditched their allegiance to their old Knight Houses and are now true mechanicum assets running point defence / flank protection role for the larger war engines.

Still plenty to go, but coming along nicely now.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Did I show this before?!

Did I show this before?!

So a while ago I started on my Air Cav. Given the launch of the new Tempestus models, I think they could well be the figures I need to complement the flyers.

Anyway the first flyer completed (without base) is the Vulture Gunship sporting twin Punisher Cannons

Still kicking

No pictures

So I am still here and still painting although not as prolific as late due to home and work commitments.
However I have picked up the paint brush and a few more books etc!

Since Jan this year, I have:

Bought the Limited Edition Knight Codex and Companion

Nearly completed 2 Imperial Knights. These are aligned to the Mechanicum and have joined the Warp Runners Legio to match the Reaver and Warhound I have already finished. The background (although focusses on Houses and Freeblades) does actually include scenarios where Knights have been deployed in support of Mechanicum requirements and in some circumstances change their allegiance and become full on Mechanicum Legio Knights. This fits perfectly well for me, so expect to see a pair of them shortly.

I have just pre-ordered the Collectors Edition of the Heresy Book 3 Extermination and am looking forward to completing the Istvaan series. I am particularly excited as this one contains the Imperial Fists. Hopefully the Legion models, Primarch and so on will follow on pretty soon so I can add them to my Fist army!

Been reading a couple of 40k novels from BL as well. Finally finished The Primarchs and now am on Fear To Tread. Pretty exciting reading the interaction between Horus and Sanguinius given that we know what happens on the Battle Barge over Terra only a few years on from this setting.

Just downloaded the iBooks version of Militarum Tempestus. Its quite a good concept although I am not sure why all of a sudden the Imperial Guard have been rebranded this year to Astra Militarum. Oh well, onwards and upwards! Looking forward to seeing the bigger Guard Codex this weekend and seeing what goodies are in there.

I have not managed to get to any events of late though, missed out on going to the recent WHW Campaign and won't be attending Battle Brothers. I am sure I will get to and event soon enough though, watch this space!