Sunday, 28 October 2012

Legs 11

So this weekend I got some more time on the Warhound construction. Preparation is everything with any FW kits, especially top heavy big walking ones. Pinning with 3mm brass rod throughout on this fella, so hard cutting disc and 3mm drill bits on my mains powered dremel have been out in force drilling, cutting, test fitting, posing the model to get the striding forward foot slightly raised look I wanted to get.

I have pinned all the actual pivot points which does not give much vertical support admittedly, but does ensure that the leg sections are rock solid. A final couple of pins through the base into the foot and up into the lower legs should secure the whole model.

The top torso will be removable, as will the top carapace armour to show the innards. Too many cool details not to show this off (which makes a change for me) such as weapon servitors, crew and techmarine console etc,

Anyway, pics tell all there is...

Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Hounding Time

With the arrival of my Warhound kit, it was time to have a play with the feet sections and see how these are such a nightmare from all the reviews I have seen.

So some cleaning up and some drilling later, I am able to reinforce all the pivots with 3mm brass rod.

1. Drill the pivots out with a dremel and 3mm bit right through the centres.

2. Run the brass rod through as a test - obviously I next need to cut to size. The pistons are not glued in as you have to cut these to size depending on how you assemble the foot as it can angle in all kinds of ways due to being double jointed. Once the angle is determined, the feet can be glued, then the pistons added afterwards as the length will be determed at that point.

3. Drill the foot bad to receive pins to connect to the toe joints

Another storm brewing...

Three quick shots of the Storm Talon thats now finished. Adding to the flyers for the IF this week is the Storm Talon configured in an anti armour role with twin linked Lascannons. With the prolicication of flyers these days in 6E games (and obviously here to stay for some time) most of which are AV10/11 some good skyfire high strength can be useful to take them out in a single shot rather than the standard "glance attrition" that many go for. With the Assault Cannons this also provides some rending S6 options as well, which should be good to top up any bad roles on the damage table from the Lasccannons. If there is no aerial threat in the game that he deploys in, then of course, the option to hover, gain BS5 or continue to zoom and harass is still there to fall back on.
This brings my IF airforce to the Talon, Eagle and Ram now.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Delivery day

Well all that talk of a Warhound Titan got me so excited. Then the courier arrived with it today! Exciting times ahead folks, exciting times...

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Double posting day!

So, now that you have pictures to look at in todays update (and for some reason you do not frequent the ForgeWorld Facebook page, the SWC forum, the Tempus Fugitives, or Warseer) you can see whats been done for the last few weeks :) A labour of love as is most larger models, and suitably Heresy era grime infested - but subtly less grimy than any of the IF Flyers I have done for fear of them not being airworthy.

So what else is happening in my hobby world?
Right now on the desk is the makings of a GK Draigo Wing. 20 Paladins, Draigo, Librarian Terminator and 3 Dreadknights are being assembled still. So far, 13 Terminators, both Characters and a Dreadknight are built. The rest will be done over the next 2 weeks or so I guess. Then it will be a mass prime session followed by a group base coat session with the airbrush before I look at the marvellously detailed GK painting guide provided by my mate Garfy over at the Tale of Painters blog site. I shall be drawing heavily from this, although the GK iconography for this force will be taken from the Tempus Fugitives Orange and Blue scheme rather than the common white and red we have all seen from the 'Eavy Metal team and Codex.

Additionally, I also have a Storm Talon that has been kicking around since it was released...yes I am a sucker for buying new shiny things like most hobby doers. I have nigh on finished this one though, just the pilot, weathering, canopy and base to complete.

Before the paint has even dried, I have put in a new order to FW this week for a few new things.
First up are 10 Cataphractii Terminators and a mix of weapon sets. This is my Christmas present from the wife to me for this year, so will not be able to work on these until the new year (after my amazing holiday to the Maldives of course!!)
To go with that I have got the Heresy book coming my way as well.
And just a small addition, I have ordered a Mars Warhound Titan with Turbo Laser and Plasma Blaster options....Finally a proper super heavy to add to my Imperial forces when the time for the big games is available/ Need to work on what Titan Legion to draw inspiration from so I can work on colour schemes for it. I know this is going to be hard work, I hear the leg pistons are a bitch, and the moulds are a bit old and thus resin leakage and so on means lots of prep work, cutting, sanding, filling etc will be required. Still, I am always up for a challenge. And of course it will be right here on my blog.

I am Spartaaaaan!

So its been about 3 weeks since the last updates on my blog, and once again I have zero excuses.

Anyway, lets get you excited with pictures of the completed Spartan for my ever growing Imperial Fists Heresy force! I know you love pictures...

Monday, 1 October 2012

A little more action, a little more paint

So the weekend has been and gone, and I have done some more work on the Spartan. I finished the airbrush layers of brown through bone, the brown Mig Oil ink shade and then attacked with yellow ink glaze to turn the pale brown to imperial yellow.
The pics below show the stage before the yellow glaze, which I'll add to the blog soon enough.

Also coming to the blog soon enough is the new project currently being devised. As a member of the Tempus Fugitives since the beginning, we are about to hit our 10 year anniversary in 2013 as a group of 8 guys who attended a WHW campaign weekend with a singular themed task force. That fateful day we took elements from 8 Companies of Howling Griffons to "Badab" which incidentally we actually won best Task force for.

Since that time we have also taken the 50th Royal Volpone Imperial Guard, Orks, and other forces before GW stopped running these weekends, and we did our own, peaking in 2009 with over 140 attendees.

So bringing that back to basics, the original 8 are going for an elite Grey Knight army with a view to attending whatever GW campaign weekend is being run in November 2013 (subject to availability of the event, and all 8 of us being alive, with painted armies, with permission from our wives to attend).

I myself am planning a pure DraigoWing army with pure Paladins and Dreadknights and a LIbrarian. 2000 points, 23 models. Simples! Already in the pile of purchases are Draigo, The Librarian, 5 Grey Knights and a Dreadknight already. Construction beginning soon.

Anyway, you are here for yellow stuff right now...