Friday, 9 May 2014

All quiet for a bit

Well, I am bout to move house in a couple of weeks which means packing up the existing place and putting it in boxes for a bit.
We are getting a removal firm in, but they are not touching my toy soldiers!

So this weekend is the first phase of operation plasticrack storage. Sad times indeed as I take 4 weeks off painting and playing while these get packed up.

Hobby related news though (for the record I am NOT discussing 7th Ed rumour mills here as its completely pointless):

My Forgeworld Horus Heresy Istvaan drop site Collectors edition arrived woo! Thats book 3, the army book, legion book, some limited art book and a nice box to put all of it plus volumes 1/2 into as well. Happy days - especially as tis contains The Imperial Fists!

Also took delivery of the Web Exclusive GW Captain models, a Leman Russ Punisher and Commander Pask to be in charge of it - oh yes BS4 Rending Heavy 20 yes please.

I also assembled a Fire Raptor for my local GW store manager Dave. He is a bit scared of doing bigger FW kits so let me do it for him. The local hobbyists chipped in to buy it for him for being a great bloke, so it was free, and assembled for nothing to boot. He best paint it well...

See you on the flip side in June.