Thursday, 29 November 2012

Campaign success

So, having recently attended a GW Campaign - The Sacking of Gaios Secundus - at Warhammer world, I thought a quick blog entry on this would be good.

So 5 games, 3 wins and 2 losses (both losses being determined on the final dice rolls of the game - as it should be) were all awesome! I managed to kill over 1000 points with just 2 models shooting in the2k doubles game and we had 5 zooming flyers trying to get air superiority over the battlefield. True scale Aeronautica style!

I also walked away with a best army nomination for my Eldar, and won best Vehicle category for my IF Storm Eagle. Which was most excellent indeed.

So next years campaign has already been set by GW events - Vidars Fate: Darkfall which should see more attendance and more fun games once again in 2013. And those events are going to allow Forgeworld models of any type providing they fit into the points limits.

In the mean time, that means getting some Titans ready for combat! So, time to press onto getting the Warhound done.

More priming since last updates here, so again, shots of a non fully glued, but pinned to buggery shots coming up:

Since taking those, I have since primed the head section in Filthy brown - ready to follow my yellow recipe for the Imperial Fists, and everything else is gunmetal or night blue/imperial blue/enchanted blue pretty much now.
Still need to order a base though.

Team Staines!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Legs 11

So last night after a good wash of the leg sections in soapy water, and dried off, the prime coat went down on the leg and hip sections.
That is all...

Photos to come soon!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Still here

After some interesting times with work of late, I thought I would check in. I am still here, but lack of hobby time over the past 14 days has been quite restrictive in progress.
I have however, done some glue work on the Warhound leg sections but that is about it.
The feet, lower leg and mid leg sections are now all glued together.

Next up will be the hip and upper leg sections.

I can then paint those as 3 individual sections (2 legs and hip section) before doing each of the pistons for the hips and ankles before final gluing on them as well.

This weekend i'll be prepping my forces ready for the campaign weekend at WHW on the 24th Nov, ensuring any breakages are fixed and finalising my mustered forces!