Thursday, 19 June 2014

Time for a 20 year clear out

The move was successful to my new home, but alas, my new hobby den just is not the size of a football pitch...
Given the 20+ years of hoarding, during which time I think I sold just 3 small armies (Howling Griffons, 1st draft Space Wolves and some Chaos Nurgle Space Marines a few years back) its time to de clutter and focus on the things I like the most - heresy and robots...

So I have started listing bits on various web locations such as and Facebook trading sites.

Its quite liberating actually!
Although quite sad at times going through such old memorabilia, OOP models and so on that you just cannot get but have no time to ever paint.

So over the next few weeks, more will be going and slimming down the vast I can buy some more goodies over the next 20 years!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New home

So after a couple of weeks of drama, me and the wife are finally in our new house! Yay!

And I have assigned myself one of the bedrooms as my hobby central going forwards. It needs a lot of work - the walls need re-plastering/re-skimming and then a full repaint. After than I'll look to getting some furniture in such as a nice desk and some display cabinets and book shelves.
Its very exciting times!

However, having been in this hobby for 20 plus years and thrown or sold very little out in that time, the reality is I have a rather large amount of stuff stored in plastic crates, boxes and army cases that needs a serious slim down. Countless bits boxes need to be packaged, sold or traded so I can recycle the cash in to new shiny projects and more resin goodies.

Here is a pic some friends took when helping me move the stuff in...
There is also a built in cupboard that you cannot see on the right of the picture thats full as well, plus 4 more boxes outside the room

Over the past nights this has begun to be sifted and progress is being made!

More to follow on the creation of my new hobby home. Will make a nice little thing to follow and see how it progresses!