Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Some more pics

Some more pics

And so I got my trust iPhone5 camera on the go again for a few more piccies. Enjoy!

Oh, I finally ordered the base for this as well. Matches the Phantom Titan one. Nice big oval pine wood plaque from Amazon.

Monday, 3 December 2012

The Titan takes some paint

So I got a few hours of airbrushing in over the past few days and this is the quick pic I managed to take.
Along side the main carapace, I have also done the same scheme on the main armour plates on the legs and groin too.
The yellow head will follow the same style as the IF, although will have a gloss finish to it rather than a matt one. It still needs some yellow glazing work
The blue is a Night Blue base coat - 2-3 coats covered the black nicely. Its then Imperial Blue leaving the darker shade in the recesses. Then a thin strip of Enchanted was done on the angular points. This was actually quite a stark colour change which I was not keen on. So it was then muted down with several glazes of Tamiya Clear Blue. I then did some swirly patterns with purple and blue inks (current GW glaze pots actually) before some more Clear Blue over the top. When it all dried, 4-5 thin coats of gloss varnish were airbrushed on.

Since the picture, I have began to paint all the trims in brass.