Monday, 10 February 2014

Oh my.....

Oh my.....

Ummm so yeah clearly not got the hang of this blogging thing really. I am sure you are supposed to regular say whats going on and show stuff off for comment right? And its not ben touched since June 2013. Its now Feb 2014. Oops!

So lets attempt to catch up my massed followers in whats been going on for half a year ish.

I've been painting models! Yes thats true, my hobby continues to thrive with new units being added primarily to the Imperial Fist Heresy forces.

Added to the forces of yellow have seen a Legion Glaive Super Heavy Tank, a Vindicator (standard GW version admittedly), 3 Deimos Rhinos, a Scorpius Relic Whirlwind, and a 3rd Tactical Squad.

In addition to those painted forces, upcoming (assembled at least) are a 4th Tactical squad, a 4th Deimos Rhino, a Karybdis Assault Claw, a Fire Raptor and 2, err yes TWO, Typhon siege tanks. Oh and s bunch of Tartarus terminators, and some Centurions for good measure :P Now to get the painting monkey off the back and get these ready for battle!

Since the release of Escalation and Stronghold assault, nearly all these FW goodies are now game legal in any event hosted by GW such as Throne of Skull, Battle Brothers and campaign events. This is an exciting addition as far as I am concerned and really turns the typical "Tournament build list" on its head as Strength D weapons enter standard gaming. Those "Screamerstar" lists are now going to be a thing of the past as a single blast from a Revenant Titan will wipe them from the board no questions asked! For me, thats only a good thing. For the competitive gamers that are trying to make 40k in to a hard core competitive game, its not so good. Remember 40k is not built or designed with competition in mind, for that I personally think you are better off with Warmachine. But anyway...

So in November last year I attended the final part of a year long GW campaign weekend. The Fists rose to the challenge once more with their best record to date with 5wins from 5 games. Most impressive! OK a lot was down to luck with a force thats mostly immune to melta and facing off against the same guys Salamanders list twice. All his bonus skills and rules were completely nerfed instantly with the Ceremite Plated Spartan, Storm Eagle and even Storm Talon.
Best of all was a plethora of painting awards though, winning best vehicle with the Reaver Titan, a short listed best army nomination, winning task force but the best being the most sporting player award. I was well chuffed with that I can tell you. 

So enjoy the few images below, the Glaive, some objective markers and some Rhinos/Scorpius WIP shot