Sunday, 29 July 2012

Necrons rise!

So although I have had yet another small gap in blogging, I have been busy a. leaving my old job, b. shopping for new casual work clothers for a new job, and c. buying and painting new Necron models! Oh yeah it was also my birthday and had a game of 6th Edition.
Since the last blog entry, I have purchased what I forsee my last Necron models for this project. I have added two Ghost Arks and "AnrakyrThe Traveller" as a special character HQ.
The finecast model was in pretty good shape since cleaning it up. Just a couple of small airbubbles to fill but nothing major at all. I have also assembled one of the Arks and primed that ready for painting.

As part of my local GW challenge, July was an HQ and 3 objective markers. Although I could not attend the gaming side due to my works leaving do, I did manage to submit my Overlord and objectives and have discovered that I won the best painted entry!

Time for pictures this week me thinks. All words and no photos makes for a dull toy hobby blog eh?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Been 10 days!

Errr yeah I am sure you are supposed to regularly update blogs etc but whatever!

In the past 10 days I have resigned from work, accepted a new job elsewhere in a nice shiney modern company, and been painting Necrons. I cannot get enough of these little robot dudes :)

The total list of models I have now splashed out and bought of late, or have already had from an army 6 years ago thats being repainted to the new scheme is quite extensive. Remember my blog on "everything is always half finished" - this will be another one of those no doubt!

So the list of stuff

Necron Overlord, res orb and Staff of Light - I am sure i'll give other cool wargear to him too
Necron Destroyer Lord, res orb, Staff of Light - again same on wargear

10 Lychguard - New models that were too cool not to get and will have Hyperphase swords / dispersion shields

10 Immortals - the old metal ones with gauss blasters
10 Immortals - the new plastics that will be getting Tesla Carbine options
50 Warriors - all from my old army, with 40 now repainted and 10 nearly sorted

9 Scarab Bases - from the old army - will have to add a 10th I guess for roundness of numbers
3 Tomb Blades - new cool models, given mine Gauss Blasters and Shadowlooms
3 Wraiths - new models again one with Whip Coils
Triarch Stalker - new model looks cool, big guns
6 Destroyers - again from the old army I had

Doom Scythe - it looks badass like a Cylon Raider
2 Monoliths - umm from the old army I had and was a christmas pressie when Apoc was released and you bought 2 in a box for proper discount
3 Annihliation Barges - I suspect 1 may become a command barge

total is now 3175 points worth of Necrons.
What is missing? I think I need to look at the fancy new HQ options personally and look at royal courts etc

Monday, 2 July 2012

Whats on the table tonight/this week/this month?

Well its Necrons...for the time being! I still have a few Fist projects to do, but for now I am all gauss blasters blazing on a Necron project which is new units and repainting old ones.

So far its been 20 quick Necron Warriors to date
These have been painted to look a bit old and rusty but re-aminated by a magical orange power crystal.
So the metals are Vallejo air Gunmetal, washed with Mig Brown then Mig Engine Grease.
Once dried they get a coat of Testors Dull Cote to seal it all over.
The weapons (and crystals) are done the same way.
I overspray the area with Red gore, then blazing orange, then orange/yellow/white mix and finally white. A thinned tamiay clear orange is then blasted over the whole area.

With 20 warriors done, I now have at the Dull Cote stage over armour washes ready on 10 old metal Immortals, 6 Destroyers, an Overlord, and 10 more warriors.
I have 3 Tomb Blades, A Stalker and a Doom Scythe also primed black as well!

Airbrushing really is the future...