Thursday, 2 October 2014


Once again a huge gap in the blog. Work can be like that.
And I bought a new house.

Anyway, painting wise...currently working on the contents of the Storm Claw boxed set and painting the Space Wolves from that ready to battle all the missions in the box v's a friend who is doing the Ork half.

This was the last photos i took as I worked on the armour.
Airbrushed stages were Sombre grey through Wolf Grey, gloss varnished and then oil washed with Engine Grease from MiG (brown was too light, black was too dark). Finally after a couple of days it was matt varnished.

While thats going on...

I somehow made 4 pages in this months White Dwarf Visions magazine. This was my random entry in to Golden Demon in 2013, and as they clearly struggle to fill their pages, they used my entry!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Moar Robots

So with the move over, and now the fun part of decorating underway, I have made a small area available for some hobby time!

On the desk....robots! Currently putting together a Thallax Cohort and some Battle Automata, plus my new FW Lancer Knight....

Finally hobby progress yay!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Time for a 20 year clear out

The move was successful to my new home, but alas, my new hobby den just is not the size of a football pitch...
Given the 20+ years of hoarding, during which time I think I sold just 3 small armies (Howling Griffons, 1st draft Space Wolves and some Chaos Nurgle Space Marines a few years back) its time to de clutter and focus on the things I like the most - heresy and robots...

So I have started listing bits on various web locations such as and Facebook trading sites.

Its quite liberating actually!
Although quite sad at times going through such old memorabilia, OOP models and so on that you just cannot get but have no time to ever paint.

So over the next few weeks, more will be going and slimming down the vast I can buy some more goodies over the next 20 years!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New home

So after a couple of weeks of drama, me and the wife are finally in our new house! Yay!

And I have assigned myself one of the bedrooms as my hobby central going forwards. It needs a lot of work - the walls need re-plastering/re-skimming and then a full repaint. After than I'll look to getting some furniture in such as a nice desk and some display cabinets and book shelves.
Its very exciting times!

However, having been in this hobby for 20 plus years and thrown or sold very little out in that time, the reality is I have a rather large amount of stuff stored in plastic crates, boxes and army cases that needs a serious slim down. Countless bits boxes need to be packaged, sold or traded so I can recycle the cash in to new shiny projects and more resin goodies.

Here is a pic some friends took when helping me move the stuff in...
There is also a built in cupboard that you cannot see on the right of the picture thats full as well, plus 4 more boxes outside the room

Over the past nights this has begun to be sifted and progress is being made!

More to follow on the creation of my new hobby home. Will make a nice little thing to follow and see how it progresses!

Friday, 9 May 2014

All quiet for a bit

Well, I am bout to move house in a couple of weeks which means packing up the existing place and putting it in boxes for a bit.
We are getting a removal firm in, but they are not touching my toy soldiers!

So this weekend is the first phase of operation plasticrack storage. Sad times indeed as I take 4 weeks off painting and playing while these get packed up.

Hobby related news though (for the record I am NOT discussing 7th Ed rumour mills here as its completely pointless):

My Forgeworld Horus Heresy Istvaan drop site Collectors edition arrived woo! Thats book 3, the army book, legion book, some limited art book and a nice box to put all of it plus volumes 1/2 into as well. Happy days - especially as tis contains The Imperial Fists!

Also took delivery of the Web Exclusive GW Captain models, a Leman Russ Punisher and Commander Pask to be in charge of it - oh yes BS4 Rending Heavy 20 yes please.

I also assembled a Fire Raptor for my local GW store manager Dave. He is a bit scared of doing bigger FW kits so let me do it for him. The local hobbyists chipped in to buy it for him for being a great bloke, so it was free, and assembled for nothing to boot. He best paint it well...

See you on the flip side in June.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Maniple of Knights

So last night i got the final bits done on the 3rd Knight model on the collection.

Here they are in their full glory ready to battle and smash some xenon/heretics etc. As long as they don't bring flyers, we are all good...

Am going on holiday tomorrow, no updates till I return!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Knights again!

Hi all

Spent a lot of time over the weekend getting Knight number 3 nearly ready! Just the head cowling armour plate to go, and some weathering in general across the model and its done!

This will then give me an official Primary Detachment of Knights should I wish to field them, or alternately a maximum Allied Knightly Detachment too.

Hurry up Forgeworld, I need a Lancer or 2...