Friday, 28 September 2012

Spartan Assembly

So this week has seen some progress on the Spartan with assembly, and some paint applied.

Here are the pics!

The tracks really did not fit

So they needed work and voila

Then the rest of the build using clamps to hold while the glue set

And then some paint

Monday, 24 September 2012

A brief pause in the robots...

So this week sees me take a break in the Necron project. There is only so long I can sustain the same army without a break of some kind and to paint something else.
So last night it was time to break open the Forge World packets of the Land Raider Spartan I got in july and start cleaning up.
Not a bad kit to assemble but one of the track sections is quite badly miscast due to what looks to be a large air bubble that must have formed and wiped out the end linkage. Not difficult to repair to be honest, but annoying nonetheless.
The reason I wanted a break was also to ensure that this model was finished with a view to using at the upcoming event at WHW in November I am attending called the Sacking of Gaios Secundus. I will be attending the campaign with 3 or even 4 different armies for the various points games they are running, hopefully with the intention of competing for Best Army.
So a contingent of Eldar, Necron, Blood Angel and Pre Heresy Imperial Fists will be in attendance. I am thinking the Eldar will be better at the 750 points game with the BA and Necrons for 1000/1750/2000 and the IF for the 2500 where I can bring along things like the Storm Eagle. I expect some kind of allied use here though, perhaps with Eldar for their flyer options.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Weekend gaming and other fun

So this weekend just gone saw 60 odd players attend "The Great Waaagh"campaign event and Malestrom Games in Mansfield.
Awesome event for which my taskforce of Eldar and Dark Eldar comfortably won the event with 25 games, 22 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. Not bad I thought for the team of 5! That included killing Biotitans with rending Harlies, and taking on custom built Mechanicum lists from a Codex developed by the Tempus Fugitives - the guys behind these campaigns.

In the meantime I also painted up these for the Necrons. Taken quick with my iPhone.

Talking of iPhones, I have ordered my iPhone 5...have you?!