Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hey people are watching!

Well I have received some comments on my fairly new blog. Awesome! Many thanks to those who have taken the time to visit my little world here and say something nice.

Anyway, there has been more progress to the Necrons of late. I have now finished the Catacomb Command Barge so that it is ready to escort some over powered glory hunting Necron character to battle at last. Additionally I finished the blue work on the Destroyers I had kicking around.

I have played a few more games with them as well under the new rules set and surprisingly my current list is still undefeated. Even extending to 2000 I managed a draw after a decidedly bad first 3 turns against an allied Marine and Guard force camping on 2 or the 3 objectives playing short edge to short edge deployment.
Necrons are not known to be fast, so I ensured my home objective was secure with Tesla Immortals while rushing multiple units to towards his lines and trying to stay alive long enough to be effective when they go there.
The CCB Overlord and Destroyer Lord made combat and shook off their Marine/Guard units on their objective and scored me the bonus of the secondary objectives of getting to their deployment zone.
As he got First Blood, it ended 4-4 in points after T5. I think had we had another turn I could have turned it to 4-1 by kicking off his other objective as well...but thats time for you.
A tough game though thats for sure.

More pics coming soon! 

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  1. I've got you on my google reader! Love your airbrush work, super pumped to pick one up soon.