Monday, 24 September 2012

A brief pause in the robots...

So this week sees me take a break in the Necron project. There is only so long I can sustain the same army without a break of some kind and to paint something else.
So last night it was time to break open the Forge World packets of the Land Raider Spartan I got in july and start cleaning up.
Not a bad kit to assemble but one of the track sections is quite badly miscast due to what looks to be a large air bubble that must have formed and wiped out the end linkage. Not difficult to repair to be honest, but annoying nonetheless.
The reason I wanted a break was also to ensure that this model was finished with a view to using at the upcoming event at WHW in November I am attending called the Sacking of Gaios Secundus. I will be attending the campaign with 3 or even 4 different armies for the various points games they are running, hopefully with the intention of competing for Best Army.
So a contingent of Eldar, Necron, Blood Angel and Pre Heresy Imperial Fists will be in attendance. I am thinking the Eldar will be better at the 750 points game with the BA and Necrons for 1000/1750/2000 and the IF for the 2500 where I can bring along things like the Storm Eagle. I expect some kind of allied use here though, perhaps with Eldar for their flyer options.

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