Monday, 29 April 2013



2. Attended Warhammer Worlds Vidars Fate: Darkfaill campaign with 16 other gamers from our local GW store in Staines.

For those unfamiliar with campaigns, they are team narrative based events where results are across the team rather than pure individual outcomes thus less tournament like and very friendly

Photos available on Facebook here

The net result in gaming terms from a personal perspective was 1 loss, 3 wins and a draw which was not a bad 2 day effort using my Eldar forces.

In addition I got some painting kudos as well with a shortlist to best army nomination and a win on the best single infantry figure - the Hero of Legend award.
Cheesy pic!

This adds to last Novembers campaign haul where again best army nomination and Engine of Legend for having the best vehicle.

I lost out on best superheavy to a friends Harlequin painted Phantom Titan. Am hoping to obtain that next time in June with my current project - see next post :)
Never seen a Harlie Phantom?! Now you have!

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