Monday, 29 April 2013

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Three posts in a day eh? Whats the world coming to.

Anyway as hinted in the previous update, what have I been doing in order to try and win my next award at WHW's second 2013 campaign weekend Vidars Fate: Praedis Zeta.

Of course it can only be the Warhounds bigger brother the Reaver Titan.

Intese painting and assembly over the past few weeks in order to get this up to standard to get a chance of winning the award -not that I am competitive in anyway - oh no :P - has lead to this stage so far. The deadline is the weekend of the event 21/22 June, so about 8 weeks time. IN that I am away with work and on hols next week, so that cuts down time dramatically, plus I have a few other infantry sized models to complete before the weekend! Going to be tight, going to piss the wife off significantly, but needs must :)

So the Reaver...
The paint job is identical to that of the Warhound - Legio Astorum "Warp Runners". Same painting techniques, same skills, just a biggggggggg model.

Here is the steps to date, note very little is glued at this time to allow all the painting to be completed properly. plus the parts are so big in most cases you need to break the model right up in to stages and components for ease of handling!

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