Friday, 25 April 2014

New model syndrome

So last night I played my 2 Knights in an 1850 game alongside the Typhon as a Lord of War.
All three painted this year and all 3 unused in a game.

I played our newest resident regular gamer at my store who is an avid tournament unpainted army player meta list download net list guru (hence the 1850 points as thats the standard tournament scene apparently)

I faced off against the known Skyblight Dataslate abused list including 9 FMC's. So I am sure you can guess the result.

The knights did nothing but get vector struck to death, so that was great.
The Typhon however alongside my trusty Storm Eagle Roc attributed to 7 FMC deaths which was quite nice. Getting the FMC's to take grounding checks from smaller weapons then killing them on the deck was the key, but the result was inevitable for those familiar with Skyblight.

This is a known internet list abuse loophole that gives you extra FMC's plus respawning deep striking objective taking Gargoyle broods. These little fellas count as scoring and can claim objectives if you are contesting. Yes super scorers.

It was a harsh lesson in the "fun" tournament lists doing the rounds, and the guy is a complete douche when he plays it too.

Ph well, now they have their cherry popped, I am sure the big gun units will fair better on the second outing in the near future!

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