Monday, 2 July 2012

Whats on the table tonight/this week/this month?

Well its Necrons...for the time being! I still have a few Fist projects to do, but for now I am all gauss blasters blazing on a Necron project which is new units and repainting old ones.

So far its been 20 quick Necron Warriors to date
These have been painted to look a bit old and rusty but re-aminated by a magical orange power crystal.
So the metals are Vallejo air Gunmetal, washed with Mig Brown then Mig Engine Grease.
Once dried they get a coat of Testors Dull Cote to seal it all over.
The weapons (and crystals) are done the same way.
I overspray the area with Red gore, then blazing orange, then orange/yellow/white mix and finally white. A thinned tamiay clear orange is then blasted over the whole area.

With 20 warriors done, I now have at the Dull Cote stage over armour washes ready on 10 old metal Immortals, 6 Destroyers, an Overlord, and 10 more warriors.
I have 3 Tomb Blades, A Stalker and a Doom Scythe also primed black as well!

Airbrushing really is the future...

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