Sunday, 29 July 2012

Necrons rise!

So although I have had yet another small gap in blogging, I have been busy a. leaving my old job, b. shopping for new casual work clothers for a new job, and c. buying and painting new Necron models! Oh yeah it was also my birthday and had a game of 6th Edition.
Since the last blog entry, I have purchased what I forsee my last Necron models for this project. I have added two Ghost Arks and "AnrakyrThe Traveller" as a special character HQ.
The finecast model was in pretty good shape since cleaning it up. Just a couple of small airbubbles to fill but nothing major at all. I have also assembled one of the Arks and primed that ready for painting.

As part of my local GW challenge, July was an HQ and 3 objective markers. Although I could not attend the gaming side due to my works leaving do, I did manage to submit my Overlord and objectives and have discovered that I won the best painted entry!

Time for pictures this week me thinks. All words and no photos makes for a dull toy hobby blog eh?

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