Thursday, 2 May 2013

More progress but no photos

More progress but no photos

So another few hours spent on the Reaver last night.
The gold trim is now complete on all the leg sections which meant I could test fit the lower shin armour around the piston guards. Its a bit tight given the pose but works all ok and lines up with each knee guard too.

The next step is to complete the toe pistons (2 per toe meaning 16!), cut them to the right sizes, paint and glue to position.
Annoyingly the toe pistons have to be positioned and glued at the same time as the piston guards, which also have to be adjusted ant cut to size. Tricksy but not impossibly difficult.

Once these are all in place, the lower leg armour and rear knee pistons can be attached, and finally the thighs and hip section can be glued in place.

So although alot of work is happening, its still in lots of pieces! BUt its one of those things that suddenly comes together in a matter of a couple of hours once the sum of the parts are done.

I think thats a good 8 hours work there to do right.

Am off on vacation for a week so my rough timetable now looks like.

3-10 May - Vacation
11-12 May - Finish leg parts, final painting touches and assembly from toes to hip
13-17 May - Interior detailing inc Tech Adept
19 May - Cockpit and crew
20-24 May - Gattling Blaster arm, Titan Laser Blaster arm
25 May - Main canopy detail scroll work and icons
27 May - Large armour plating (shoulders, under belly and top cover), Apoc Launcher turret
28-31 May - Final detailing and weathering, Basing

In the remaining time, my plan is also complete 5 MkIV Marines, a Wraithseer and anything else quickly...hopefully I have a good 2 weeks or so to achieve this...might be tricky but thats the hobby challenge!

10-14 June - Work trip

21 June To War!

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