Monday, 10 June 2013

Well well well! Its done and dusted!

So the Reaver is now another monkey off my back at last.
3 months of painting and the project is all done (although things are never fully done eh - I want to add weapon banners at some point.
Also technically there are some cables to connect the heavy arm cannons to the plasma reactor core at the rear. But as they are magnetised to switch out, this makes them a little tricky to apply, but I may make those magnetic as well.

Both the Reaver and Warhound have even seen some battle recently, although their actual usefulness was a comparison to an ashtray on a motorbike...

Anyway, its piccie time!

Finished Reaver then as promised!

And a comparison to his smaller brother

So how did they do in a recent Apoc game? 
They arrived on Turn 2
They killed between them 14 Marines, damaged a Land Raider, killed 4 Carnifexes, and about 20 Tau Pathfinders.
Then the Warhound was hit by a Farsight "Bomb" with him, and seven Crisis Suits totting Fusion Guns, which made short work of him.
The Reaver was killed by the combined fire of a Phantom Titan, 3 Vindicators, a Daemon Shell D Shot, 3 Vendettas and 3 Sentinels.

The realism of using such models is not as cool as it sounds....but they look TOTES AMAZEBALLS!


  1. Marvelous.Now you just need some awesome pictures to send to White Dwarf hint hint.

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  3. Do you know anyone with a good eye for photography of miniatures???? Haha!