Monday, 10 June 2013

Imperial Fist Tyranid Hunters

With the forthcoming campaign at WHW in just 2 weeks, we get to use a free unit as part of the campaign.

The pack details are located at the home of Pradeis Zeta in GW's events pages.

So, an excuse to model up something slightly different, and in an effort to try and get a shortlist on the painting front again, I came up with this little number for my unit of Nid Hunters.

Basically for those not following the link, you get 5 Marines inc a Sarge, with Hypnoth Pattern Bolters - normal ones with an additional fire mode of 18" S3 AP- blast.
The unit comes with Pref Enemy Nids/Hybrids to boot, and the Sarge can swap his bolter for a power weapon.

Alternatively you can take a unit of Nid Hybrids with a Magus. ON paper they are actually the more useful of a unit, but we shall see in reality.
Neither unit can take objectives etc, its an excuse to paint something interesting.

Here is my unit

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