Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Praedis Zeta - done and dusted!

Well, as those that bother reading this blog will have know, last weekend was the WH40K campaign PtII of Vidars Fate known as Praedis Zeta.
Set 400 years after Darkfall, the planet Praedis Zeta which officially was under Imperium Rule, had an active Magus (descendant of the ruler of Darkfall) who was causing a few issues on the hive homeworld of the Imperius Reaver Space Marine Chapter. Mutated locals, psychic anomalies and tendrils from a far out looming threat were within reach.

The two sides clashed - those fighting for the Reavers to maintain control and eradicate the threat, and those there to sew disarray and allow the Magus to reign control and carry out his plans.

Although the sides would be quite clear as to what armies fight for what sides, GW does not have the resources to control the player count and the armies that attend. This means that you can easily get a Nid army on the Imperius Reaver side, and Space Wolves on the Magus side. A fact that is a little annoying from the fluff perspective, but in all honesty, its still good fun games of 40k regardless of that fact.
As it happened, all of my friends (The Staines Invaders) arrived in force with bout 15 of us in total sporting a variety of armies but we all like the way John Bracken narrates for his side. As he was the Magus, my forces of Imperial Fists found themselves on his side!

So over 5 great games with a set of mixed results with a draw, 2 losses and 2 wins, how was the weekend? It was AWESOME.
As always GW event staff deliver great and getting better each time events now. The core team really are delivering a great weekend of gaming set to an interesting background for good measure.

The quiz night was also great with a stunning new round called "Say what you see"

So take the following pictures and you get my drift

Thats  bolt plus an ER giving Bolter!

Anyway the more important bits were the award ceremony of course. Having fought hard in the games, some rewards were due in.
The Staines Team had another good haul. The scary thing is, we are not voting for our own stuff or on the whole each others. I am sure if the voting was shown at the end who did vote for who, many people would be surprised. I vote for what I feel is the best on display in each category. 

There were 7 armies shortlisted for best army - which all got displayed in the glass cabinets around the hall. 5 of those came from Staines. This is something I am very proud of. The guys painting have come on leaps and bounds over the years I have been there and to see new faces getting in those cabs and getting their certificates is great to see. Alas none of us won the top prize, it went to a lovely Chaos Army. Boo hiss!
The individual model prizes were also another good haul
We took best single fig, best monstrous, best special unit for the campaign, and best vehicle - my Spartan! That left best fortification, army list and superheavy still not in our grasp alas!

Finally the special mentions. Myself and my doubles partner Dave were awarded the outstanding contribution to a gaming event for our side. I was quite touched by this. Apparently not being a beardy twat with your Titans in an Apoc game goes down well! Ie, regenerating shields, and using the asset to bring it back when it dies is considered sporting, and taking the game in the true spirit of Apoc carnage with Warhounds going nuclear and killing hundreds of points of models both friendly and enemy was always good fun! of course, still winning the game counts too...hahaha
One of our players was also the most sporting, winning 6/7 fave game results from his, which was great to see. 

So another classy weekend, the third in the series is in November, so roll on!

I'll leave this one with you, only 1 team got this right!

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