Friday, 1 June 2012


Having amassed such a few large armies (I'll go into those later I guess), when GW brought out a few years back the Apocalypse expansion, I was very excited. At last a chance to play with pretty much anything, Forgeworld models with no arguements, everything!
Big battles is where it is at. Epic style games at 28mm scale is brilliant!
Unfortunately opponents, playing space, and time are the big committments and resources that you need for this to play it properly. And copius snacks, drinks and pizza and good friends of course.

Apoc(alypse) is designed to be played with friends in a social encounter only. It is not for odd people to arrange with their collections as the game immediately can unbalance due to the fact some people have more money than others to spend and thus have some of the bigger powerful models. If one side has more than the other, the game is almost certainly going one way only.
However that said, over a few games and some experience in the matter, Formations is where the game really excels. Collections of models that make a formation gain some really cool bonus rules which can really bring the game into its own.

As I write, I have a planned Apoc game this coming Monday v's the Holloway Wargamers club against my local GW veterans club (The Staines Invaders - we have yet to embrace the new name of the Staines-upon-Thames doesn't have the same ring to it)
The plan is about 35000 points a side, which is pretty damn big. My previous biggest was 16,000 a side! So double that and there we go.

My main Apoc army is the Eldar. Graceful, elegent, arrogant, and full of beautiful MASSIVE titans and super tanks. What can go wrong. I will be fielding 8000 points and will be allied with some Marines and other Eldar players to make about 5 a side. Cameras at the ready, and prepare for war! Strength D. Its the only way...

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