Friday, 1 June 2012

How many armies is enough?!

When I started out in this obsessive hobby, I was a painter. Not a great one at that, but nonetheless, the daunting prospect of entering a GW store other than to make purchases and play a game was rather scarey. So I didn't. For many years.

Now all that has changed of course and I am regularly seen at GW Staines every other Thursday pitching battles to other would be army generals in a battle of wit, plastic, dice and lots of luck.
I also attend these campaign weekends which I mentioned about before which take all weekend.

Anyway, I thought I would make a note of what armies I have, and how many points they are worth.

Warhammer 40k

This being my main game system I play on a regular basis, I have the following:
Imperial Fists.
A pre Heresy version using a fair bit of FW and some artistic licence from the team that bring us the 30k universe, 10,000 years before the current time line of the game
This force is currently residing at about 2700 points all painted, with as mentioned again before, a further 1300 to go.

Space Wolves.
My first  love of the game and first army were the viking warrriors in space. The models were metal, the detail amazing, and no other race really bettered them for a background story. My first army was sold a while ago as the models changed from metal to plastic.
Currently I have about 5000 points painted of these with plans for at least 3000 more.

Blood Angels
.When not fielding the IF, one of my main gaming armies is the BA. Although not painted (I feel) to the same standard as that of the others, the intention was to make this a Company collection and add parts to make it a tournament kind of force. Hence lots of Razorbacks are sitting awaiting painting as well as flying land raiders and a lot of Predators. However to make it a Company project required toning back on the paint a little from a detailed pwerspective and collect a lot of infantry too.
Right now it sits at 4900 painted with a further 2800 collected/assembled/primed or in other states of affairs.

Ah yes. The Eldar. See I don;t just collect Marines!!! Eldar started off as a campaign army and we chose to do an Iyanden craftworld. So from a humble 1900 point collection, I fell in love with the way they play and what models were available to collect from both GW and FW.
Since then, I bought a shed load more and painted a lot!
This is my main Apocalypse army as it contains all the main nasty units, D weapons, Titans and other superheavies.
It currently stands at 12,300 painted! A further 6500 is assembled or part finished as I work on new units as they are released or while on a break from painting BA. I suspect the collection to hit 20,000 points in the end and at that stage will possibly have to decide enough is enough.

I started a small Necron army under the old rules and codex. They seemed very popular at tournaments and seemed fast to paint. Until In decided on a scheme that took ages and was "pre airbrush". Since the new rules came out for them, the value of the models shrunk from 1500 to 1200.
I now have enough purchases (and some more to make since the new released came out) to take it back to 2000-2500.

My Chaos armies have come and gone. I had an old Death Guard force, at around 2000 points. It was ritually sacrificed to the pits of eBay a few years ago to make room for new models. As such I do not have a gameable army any longer but have a lot of models ready for the new release codex that is due shortly (we hope). That will force me to bring them back from retirement and back into main gaming play.
That said I do have a few models painted, in the Khornate scheme and sits at about 1000 points right now.
I also have an Iron Warrior army that needs some attention to bring back to the fore, and sits at about 2000 points. It is not very competetive and looks dated, but some effort can revive it!

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Now I have played about 4 games of this in total. And I was not very good at making the transition from one system to another. However, it did make an ideal opportunity for new painting and new models :)

I obtained at considerable discount a whole bunch of dwarves and started painting, then ran out of time and motivation.
I got to about 900 points done, with 1100 to go.

Tomb Kings.
The idea to paint fast and get a good army going. Did not really work out...I got to 2000 points, then the new book came out and new models released which I bought and have not touched since!

High Elves.
The new rules and a new boxed set, and some trades later gave be 3 lots of Elves from the Island of Blood Set.None have been painted...

Warriors of Chaos.
So switching tact and a good internet deal from Wayland Games I thought "Ah a smaller army = completion and gamable right?" And so it was! I painted nearly 3500 points worth with another 1000 to go. This army has seen the most action from myb 4 games, having used it twice and got smashed twice. Probably why it is back in storage...lack of gaming knowledge and being out magicked at every step as new armies were released and new rules came about!

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