Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Todays news

On topic the Predator Executioner is nigh on done! Just some minor finishing details and pictures to be taken and she is ready to hit the table top and unleash Plasma Blasting death rays!

Off topic, I finally (I think) had my final interview for a new job. Now this has been bubbling away for about 5-6 weeks at a guess as I went through several stages of interview. 2 from the HR recruitment team, 1 face to face with a Director, 1 telephone interview with the potential manager, 1 hour long technical test with a senior engineer, and now 2 telephone calls with guys in America (its a US firm after all and these guys I'd be working with in a virtual team). I am hoping an offer will shortly be on the cards as I cannot imagine anyone else being left to fival me at this stage surely...watch this space for further news.

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