Thursday, 21 June 2012

Quick Change!

Almost completely forgot that I had signed up to a small challenge at my local GW (Staines UK)
They are running a "tale of" series for armies you do not normally use in your main collection.
There are points to be scored for participating in this, painting challenges and gaming results etc.

So the painting challenge for June was to paint 2 game legal units and then participate in a small 200 point kill team game.

I quick whizz through the bits and voila, I have Necrons to do! Now I have a painted Necron army from a few years ago. It was not very good, it was used maybe twice (and lost twice I recall) but since the Codex reboot and new models launched, what a great excuse to get re-animating the robots again!

So, a couple of days later I have 20 Necron warriors assembled/reassembled/primed and basecoated in a Valleo gun metal, washed with Mig Dark Rust and then again in Mig Engine Grease. They now look really old...
I have started working on an OSL-esque weapon glow on the first 10 - which actually can be 2x5 and thus achieve my painting requirement for June. The glow is orange for a change. I will try and replicate that around the eyes as well to give them a menacing un-natural looking power source.

The total army is supposed to be 1000 points by December I think I read correctly. Warriors alone I can get 390 points (I have a further 10 that need some basing) and then I can add in some of the new units recently released such as Tomb Blades and Wraiths and perhaps the new flyer and stalker kits for good measure. No doubt this will end up escalating to a full sized 2500 point army as with my old models added in it will be once again no small army. It just happens like that ok? Don't judge me!!

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