Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Hounding Time

With the arrival of my Warhound kit, it was time to have a play with the feet sections and see how these are such a nightmare from all the reviews I have seen.

So some cleaning up and some drilling later, I am able to reinforce all the pivots with 3mm brass rod.

1. Drill the pivots out with a dremel and 3mm bit right through the centres.

2. Run the brass rod through as a test - obviously I next need to cut to size. The pistons are not glued in as you have to cut these to size depending on how you assemble the foot as it can angle in all kinds of ways due to being double jointed. Once the angle is determined, the feet can be glued, then the pistons added afterwards as the length will be determed at that point.

3. Drill the foot bad to receive pins to connect to the toe joints

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