Saturday, 27 October 2012

Another storm brewing...

Three quick shots of the Storm Talon thats now finished. Adding to the flyers for the IF this week is the Storm Talon configured in an anti armour role with twin linked Lascannons. With the prolicication of flyers these days in 6E games (and obviously here to stay for some time) most of which are AV10/11 some good skyfire high strength can be useful to take them out in a single shot rather than the standard "glance attrition" that many go for. With the Assault Cannons this also provides some rending S6 options as well, which should be good to top up any bad roles on the damage table from the Lasccannons. If there is no aerial threat in the game that he deploys in, then of course, the option to hover, gain BS5 or continue to zoom and harass is still there to fall back on.
This brings my IF airforce to the Talon, Eagle and Ram now.

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