Monday, 1 October 2012

A little more action, a little more paint

So the weekend has been and gone, and I have done some more work on the Spartan. I finished the airbrush layers of brown through bone, the brown Mig Oil ink shade and then attacked with yellow ink glaze to turn the pale brown to imperial yellow.
The pics below show the stage before the yellow glaze, which I'll add to the blog soon enough.

Also coming to the blog soon enough is the new project currently being devised. As a member of the Tempus Fugitives since the beginning, we are about to hit our 10 year anniversary in 2013 as a group of 8 guys who attended a WHW campaign weekend with a singular themed task force. That fateful day we took elements from 8 Companies of Howling Griffons to "Badab" which incidentally we actually won best Task force for.

Since that time we have also taken the 50th Royal Volpone Imperial Guard, Orks, and other forces before GW stopped running these weekends, and we did our own, peaking in 2009 with over 140 attendees.

So bringing that back to basics, the original 8 are going for an elite Grey Knight army with a view to attending whatever GW campaign weekend is being run in November 2013 (subject to availability of the event, and all 8 of us being alive, with painted armies, with permission from our wives to attend).

I myself am planning a pure DraigoWing army with pure Paladins and Dreadknights and a LIbrarian. 2000 points, 23 models. Simples! Already in the pile of purchases are Draigo, The Librarian, 5 Grey Knights and a Dreadknight already. Construction beginning soon.

Anyway, you are here for yellow stuff right now...

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