Sunday, 28 October 2012

Legs 11

So this weekend I got some more time on the Warhound construction. Preparation is everything with any FW kits, especially top heavy big walking ones. Pinning with 3mm brass rod throughout on this fella, so hard cutting disc and 3mm drill bits on my mains powered dremel have been out in force drilling, cutting, test fitting, posing the model to get the striding forward foot slightly raised look I wanted to get.

I have pinned all the actual pivot points which does not give much vertical support admittedly, but does ensure that the leg sections are rock solid. A final couple of pins through the base into the foot and up into the lower legs should secure the whole model.

The top torso will be removable, as will the top carapace armour to show the innards. Too many cool details not to show this off (which makes a change for me) such as weapon servitors, crew and techmarine console etc,

Anyway, pics tell all there is...

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